September 1, 2022




UI/UX, Pitch Deck Design & Branding

Ubuntu prioritizes ecological regeneration, well-being, and supporting each person to reach their full creative potential. A regenerative and conscious community where all basic human needs are secured through natural abundance of food, energy, water, biodiversity, knowledge and shelter, so everyone can focus on their passions, unique gifts, and purpose to help humanity and the planet.


Rethinking Development

In charge of developing a creative experience for Ubuntu's new website along with a pitch deck that was going to be presented to investors, Oracle Studios was tasked with creating a new concept that would fully represent the project's vision.


Aspiring Change

Through custom-designed content and a fully custom website, we wanted to showcase the vision of the founder and his team, along with beautiful imagery taken in Nicaragua. We also wanted to allowe visitors to get an idea of what it's like to be living in an eco-village by displaying information about the community's properties for sale and those who have invested in them. Our objective was to increase leads for property sales inside the community and attract investors who aspire a change.


Regenerative nature, human connection and ourselves

Using minimal design, we created a digital presence for Ubuntu that expresses exactly what the real estate community stands for. Regeneration, growth, and environmentalism. With over $10 million already raised for the development, investors can now inquire through a form that allows them to customize their property down to the finest details, browse through the real estate hubs, public spaces, and explore amenities. In addition, they can learn more about how they can support the mission of Ubuntu by investing in real estate projects that adhere to sustainable growth policies and practices.

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