August 25, 2021

The Pelican Restaurant

The Pelican Restaurant

The Pelican Restaurant

UI/UX, Food Photography, Branding & SMM

Indulge yourself with fresh seafood in a Mediterranean atmosphere. Located right on the Paphos harbour and a few meters by the Castle, the Pelican Restaurant makes it the perfect spot for ’Fish-a-cholics’. Operating since 1957, the Pelican created a name for itself in Cyprus for serving the finest seafood to tens of thousands of customers from all around the world every year.


Indulge Yourself with Fresh Seafood

With great seafood comes great responsibility, and that's why the management decided that it was time to establish a good foundation for its brand. Oracle Studios was assigned with the task to create a strong visual brand presence both online and in the physical world.


A Pelican Story

Through content, imagery, video reels, custom designed signage and menus, and a fully custom web presence, we showcased the Pelican and its story while allowing the world the opportunity to see, feel, smell, taste and interact with every aspect of the brand experience. The result? A truly immersive combination of the traditional Cypriot element, the sea and the Mediterranean diet.


10X+ ROI

Successful ongoing content creation and advertising to locals and tourists with a steady growth that peaked when one of the videos went viral. Social media users were funneled into the site with a result of improving restaurant attendance with hundreds of reservations. Reviews improved with the use of elegant yet smart QR codes that sent visitors to Trip advisor, Google & Facebook.

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