September 2, 2022

Regen Garden

Regen Garden

Regen Garden

Blockchain solutions, contract development, UI/UX & Pitch Deck Design

Regen Garden helps mission-driven projects fundraise and co-create with their community via providing blockchain infrastructure that offers transparent value distribution.


Rooted Regeneration

Because Regen Garden is at a relatively early stage of its development, the organisation needed a visual identity that could appeal to people who are eco-conscious and strive to make a positive change in their community. The platform needed to allow users to purchase NFTs natively with crypto and credit card so we took the challenge and explored routes on building it with an advanced CMS system that would allow smart contract and nft integrations.


Making an impact

A smart yet eco-conscious brand identity was needed to appeal to Regen Garden's audience and with Webflow being one of the most advanced and sustainable platforms for developing web presences that create an impact, we decided to develop the whole platform with that tool.


Powering mission-driven work

By integrating Webflow' s full design freedom and intuitive CMS system into our project collections, we were able to build a platform that allows artists, people and organizations to create their own WEB3 projects. We also integrated smart contract technology, as well as credit card payment processing for our non-fungible token (NFT) sales.

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