September 3, 2022

Paphos Zoo

Paphos Zoo

Paphos Zoo

UI/UX, Ticket Booking System & Automation

For almost 20 years, visitors across the world have visited Pafos Zoo, an exciting wildlife reserve and tropical paradise to discover animals, learn about their species and connect with nature. Pafos Zoo is committed in the preservation of species on the island of Cyprus by merging their expertise in animal care and conservation science with their dedication in inspiring passion for learning about nature.


Connect with wildlife and get inspired from nature

After many years, Paphos Zoo decided that it needed an overhaul of its outdated website. With the digital age in full swing, it was time for the beloved zoo to offer online ticket sales and streamline its ticketing process.


Conservation & Education

To showcase the zoo's mission and commitment and to make ticketing more efficient, we created a custom-designed website with beautiful imagery of visitors and animals. A booking system was integrated to allow management streamline the whole ticketing process, scan barcodes for admission, allow visitors to purchase tickets online or by phone, and book their transfer to and from the zoo. An automated email system was also put in place with confirmations, reminders about their visits and review notifications.


A fully automated and streamlined process

The new website, with more than 220 pages, was fully optimized to reduce its size to 5.5mb and an awesome load time of 0.6 seconds to ensure it is lightning fast. On the first days of its launch, ticket sales poured in, and the site is expected to generate thousands of euros in additional revenue for Paphos Zoo, advancing it to the 21st century with full automations and a streamlined process system.

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