August 31, 2022

Loft Club

Loft Club

Loft Club

Creative Direction and Web Development

Loft club was established in 2003 in Pafos with the ultimate goal to change the way people see Night Life. During the summer months you will find Loft's outside Club crowded with people dancing with modern Greek, POP, Electronic and RnB hits. Every week Loft holds a surprise to its visitors, from African to flame dancers. At the rest of the year the closed part of the club fulfills everyone's needs, the design, the gold elements, the hidden lights, in the winter Club creates a unique atmosphere. We believe our success is due to our service, everyone here with us deserves to feel V.I.P.


Changing the way you see nightlife

Oracle Studios was tasked with producing a 360 creative campaign for Loft Club's summer inspired Black & White themed events. We took charge of the idea, creative direction, art direction, copywriting, video production, social media content and billboard designs.


Color is descriptive. Black and white is interpretive.

Through content, music, imagery, video and a fully custom web presence, we showcased the unparalleled Loft Club experience while allowing the world the opportunity to see, feel, smell, move and interact with every aspect of the brand experience. The outcome? A truly immersive combination of summer, nightlife, and the theme: Black & White.


The Original Night Club Winner

With over 1 million impressions during the summer season, Oracle Studios managed to establish a strong yet fresh visual presence for Loft Club and allow visitors to interact with the brand while at the same time pull in hundreds of reservations for the venue.

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