June 14, 2024

Break the Maze

Break the Maze

Break the Maze

Marketing, Advertising, Design, Photography

Oracle Studios partnered with Break the Maze Dance Festival to revolutionize its visual identity and engagement strategy. Our comprehensive approach encompassed branding, professional photography, motion graphics, and targeted advertising, resulting in a nearly threefold increase in participation since 2022.


Transforming a weak visual presence into a compelling brand identity.

The festival's existing visual presence was not compelling enough to attract a broader audience. The challenge was to create a vibrant and engaging brand identity that could effectively capture and communicate the festival's dynamic essence, thereby increasing participation and excitement.


Crafting a dynamic brand experience through strategic creativity.

Oracle Studios implemented a multi-faceted strategy to elevate the festival's visual and promotional appeal. We redesigned the branding, captured the festival’s energy through professional photography, created captivating motion graphics, and executed a strategic advertising campaign to boost visibility and engagement.


Achieving remarkable growth through strategic brand revitalization.

Our efforts led to a remarkable increase in the festival's popularity and participation. The rebranding and marketing initiatives significantly enhanced the festival’s profile, tripling the number of participants and establishing Break the Maze as a premier event in the dance community.

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