September 2, 2022

Baracas Lounge

Baracas Lounge

Baracas Lounge

UI/UX, Photography, Reservation System & Automation

Baracas is a felted lounge with elegant yet contemporary touches, where you can taste the food, you can have fun with your loved ones and share signature cocktails. Highly specialized service and best cooks of the city are here to host memorable time for visitors in an atmosphere created to relax and gaze the sunset.


Embrace life's simple things

For a business with no web presence, the lounge bar came to Oracle Studios with the challenge of creating a unique, highly-visible website that would help the business stand out from competitors and attract new clientele.


One cannot think, love, sleep well, if one has not relaxed well.

We decided that to achieve our goal of making a solid impression on users, we had to design and develop a web presence with an elegant and friendly user experience that worked well across both desktop and mobile devices. We also wanted to create a minimalist design that would simplify the process of browsing the menu, understanding the story behind Baracas, and reserving a table.


Attention to detail, excellence & a touch of elegance

As a studio, we were allowed full creative freedom to create a web presence that fully expresses the philosophy and values behind Baracas. The end result? A fully custom web presence with subtle animations and a minimal design. With everything flowing smoothly and a friendly yet elegant UI, Baracas is now attracting hundreds of new clientele every month through their new website. In addition to the web presence, a fully automated system was integrated with the site, pulling in reservations and streamlining the whole process, from custom email confirmations to a reservation schedule that can be checked daily by management.

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